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Hi. I'm Renee Wall, a Seattle-based senior software engineer that specializes in client-side technologies. I'm passionate about creating web pages that are fast, inclusive, intuitive, and responsive.

I began my professional life as an aspiring illustrator, which led to a rewarding career as a lead artist in the video game industry. In 2010, I decided I needed a change and made the switch to engineering. I'm glad I did: the development skills I've acquired have deepened my understanding of usability and performance, and I love being able to bring designs to life.

I have extensive experience working on interactive products. I've lead teams and managed products both large and small, and shipped titles on multiple platforms ranging from old school CD-ROMs to real-time console games. I'm adept at creating both 2D and 3D graphics, and am skilled at character modeling, texturing, lighting, background layout, user interfaces and design. Even though I'm a developer now, I find that my background in design still comes in handy.

When I started out as a developer, I naturally gravitated toward UI and client-side technologies. I've since become very interested in accessibility and inclusive design. I'm employed full-time at Expedia on the Client-Side Engineering team, and enjoy the work I do tremendously.

I believe that it's important to perpetually evaluate and pursue what makes you happy. For me, that means sinking my brain into something challenging and creative. I love to solve problems, organize information and learn new things. I am a perfectionist at heart, and would rather be too busy than sitting around idle. I will gladly put in the extra hours to get something just right.

I love animals, traveling, dad jokes, and spicy food.

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